We have various volunteering opportunities at MUD. We cater for all ages and abilities across our projects and are happy accepting volunteers who would just like to help out as a one off or become a regular. Some of our volunteers have been with us since the start and are now employees. You can become part of our volunteer program at Platt Fields Market Garden, help maintain our containers at PATCH NOMA and The Landing or offer up your skills remotely by helping with things such as marketing, blog, social media, policy creation and community outreach. We're building a community at MUD and want you to be a part of it. We also offer internships and work placements with potential future employment with us as we grow. Please see below for more details on our current opportunities.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak we are now required to register all of our volunteers

to comply with Track and Trace and ensure the safety of all of our volunteers.

If you would like to volunteer, please download our Volunteer Handbook here.

Once you have read the handbook and feel you are suitable to volunteer with us,

have a look at our opportunities below.

In order to volunteer with us we require you to fill out our registration form here.

Please add to your contacts list so that you receive our emails.

We will attempt to contact everyone who registers but due to staff shortages and volume

of registrations we might not be able to. Thank you in advance from MUD.


Our volunteering programme at Platt Fields Market Garden gives you the opportunity to support the work of our flagship Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project. You can gain experience in growing, maintaining and harvesting vegetables as well as a range of other activities from woodwork to running a market stall. No previous horticulture experience is necessary.


Mondays and Fridays:

10am - 4pm

PATCH logo.jpg

Current volunteering at PATCH NOMA involves helping out at our weekly stall as part of The Good Market in Saddlers Yard. We cover different aspects of container gardening and are working to help build a living Christmas Tree sculpture. We encourage our volunteers to look after the garden whenever they feel, as it is public and accessible at all times.


This project is currently on hold with no scheduled further sessions.


Ridgeway Street Community Garden has been designed and planted by MUD to increase the biodiversity of the area and give the local community a beautiful garden to use. Volunteering here involves maintaining the garden through guided sessions with local residents. This is perfect for anyone who wants to get involved with helping the public get into gardening!


New sessions coming soon...


Gleaning with MUD involves travelling to farms across the North of the UK and harvesting and collecting food that would otherwise gone to waste. This is then distributed to charities across Manchester to help feed those in need. If you would like to volunteer to glean with us then please read the volunteer handbook and fill out the Registration form at the bottom here.


Gleaning days vary from week to week due to changes in demand and availability. To find out when the next glean is on please contact:


We are working with other local community organisations to renovate the space back to its former glory! The site is an old car park so we will work together to grow in innovative ways to make the most of the space.

The sessions will be varied but be based around gardening, general woodwork and food growing of course!

If you are interested, please sign up via the registration form here



1 - 3pm

Starting 19th May 2021

Final Pankhurst Plot Logo Design-02.png

Pankhurst Plot is a brand new project based on Chorlton Park.

The design of the gardens will make the following 


  • Create a community garden with emphasis on staying natural and wild

  • Create growing beds to provide food for Emmeline’s Pantry

  • Create a calm and safe environment for the public to enjoy

  • Create a wild play area for children to learn and explore

  • Plant an edible hedgerow around the border to block pollution and noise

If you are interested, please sign up via the registration form here



1 - 3pm

Starting 27th May 2021