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Welcome to the Compendium of Community Cookery!

At MUD we live to grow, cook, share and eat food. We are lucky enough to meet so many great people at the garden, all with their own stories and recipes to share. This compendium is a way for us to pass on these great recipes to others. 

Please add your own recipe to the compendium and let's watch it grow together...just like we do at the garden. 


One day we hope to have a real life Compendium of Community Cookery, lots of videos for you to watch on our YouTube Channel and to host more cookery workshops at the garden for us all to learn, share and eat with each other.




Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester is a brilliant melting pot of people from various ethnic backgrounds and cultures. This means great people and stories but importantly great food!



Residents were born outside the UK

Displaying ethnic groups in GM as %. (2017)


People in the community

Here are some people from your community who have contributed to the compendium!

Meg Beamish

Meg Beamish

Meg is from Leicester and has volunteered at PFMG. She been a potter and a chef for about 7 years. She now cooks the food that is served at PFMG cafe so you know she’s good!

Mikey Gordon

Mikey Gordon

Mikey lives in Withington and volunteers at Ryder Brow community allotments and the bike place. He has lived in the UK for most of his life and moved from Jamaica when he was young.

Iman Mahdi

Iman Mahdi

Iman is from Kurdistan and volunteers at Platt Fields Market Garden. She lives in Fallowfield and moved to the UK 4 years ago. She is an artist and plans to be an art teacher one day.

Clare Mclehatton

Clare Mclehatton

Clare has a background as a vegan and vegetarian chef and is currently a Nutritional Sciences student at MMU. She can also be found teaching community cooking with Cracking Good Food

Lorcan Kan

Lorcan Kan

Lorcan Kan has worked as a chef all over the globe at Michelin star restaurants. He is from Australia with Malaysian heritage which influences his cooking. In 2020 Lorcan began working with Platt fields Market Garden focusing on food preservation and running workshops to share his knowledge.

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Cooking Videos

We have created some videos in collaboration with MIF featuring some of the cooks mentioned above! Have a look at our YouTube channel (link below) to see what they made!

We plan to make more of these videos so keep your eyes peeled...

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Submit Your Recipe!

If you would like to add some pictures of your recipes, please reply to our auto email when you have submitted with the image attached. 

Thanks for submitting! We will be in contact when we have added your recipe to the website.

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