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MUD Kitchen Catering 

MUD Kitchen can cater for events, workshops, conferences, meetings and parties and you can order from MUD Kitchen as part of a Venue Hire package or for delivery to your own venue. All profits go back in to the business to help us achieve MUD's aims and objectives.

Our menu is inspired by the seasons and the diverse cultures that surround the garden. We make everything from scratch in our kitchen at Platt Fields Market Garden. Our fresh, high quality food is locally sourced or home grown on our market garden and organic wherever possible. We have a zero waste policy so we preserve as much as we can and compost what's left. We use as much produce from our gardens as possible, and the rest is sourced from farms through Organic North Wholesalers and local suppliers such as Cinderwood Market Garden, Myco Mushroom Coop and Polyspore. We always use organic growing methods for our produce to improve local biodiversity and soil health wherever we grow. 


MUD Bakery

The MUD Kitchen microbakery supplies handcrafted organic bakes to local businesses across South Manchester. All baked goods use regeneratively farmed Wildfarmed flour, locally churned Estate Dairy cultured butter, The Lakes organic eggs, and wherever possible, produce grown on site at the garden. As part of the emerging Manchester Food Sovereignity Network we aim to support as many local producers as possible.

Enquire below and we will get back to you as soon as we can 

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