Allotment Veg Hot Pot

Cooking on Nothing - Recipe by Sue Dean

Been asked for a couple of veggie suggestions.

Check your store cupboards - almost all ingredients are from either Platt Fields Market Garden or home grown.

Best thing you can do join a community allotment or try your hand at growing yourself


  1. Swirl of oil in large heavy pan (5p)

  2. Add onions and soften (easy to grown in pots at home or from an allotment) 00p

  3. Add mixed herbs, garlic, turmeric and few chili flakes

  4. Add mini sweetcorn (this was kindly gifted for assisting in the corn harvest at Platt Fields Allotment n Market Garden. About 5 peeled and chopped 00p

  5. Add sweet pepper - home grown 00p

  6. Add cauliflower, carrots, peas - whatever you got

  7. I added broccoli which a friend gifted from their personal allotment 00p

  8. Add good handful of risotto rice (Aldi full pack 99p, used approx. 15p)

  9. Cover with water and leave to cook on low heat for about an hour

Should make 4 - 6 portions


Make 4 portions, add splash of soy sauce n more water n whisk till thick soup.

Should get another 4 soup portions

Total cost including soup 20p


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