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The Landing is a collaborative community growing space designed and built by MUD and Where The Light Gets In. Chef Sam Buckley's passion for a sustainable food system has driven the need for an urban growing space. The garden provides produce for the restaurant as well as the local community.

The Landing supports MUD's objectives of promoting food sovereignty, community engagement in local food systems and increased biodiversity in our ever expanding urban environments. It will be an oasis for learning, growing and socialising in an unexpected space, to encourage people to grow and share food wherever they can.


Born from a frustration with travel and a submission to time, The Landing was our answer to a kitchen garden in an urban environment. There are many plants that, for us, simply don’t travel well. Plants such as lettuces, radish, herbs and flowers. And there are many plants that are just not available to buy from our local markets. Plants such as Poona Khera cucumbers, bronze fennel, alpine strawberries and Korean Bomdong.

With this in mind, we decided to create a space as near to the restaurant as possible, where we could grow and control the production and harvesting variables to supplement our cooking with an addition of nuanced ingredients.


Sam Buckley


Manchester Urban Diggers & Where The Light Gets In will be collaborating on a series of residencies at The Landing. Throughout the residencies we aim to open up the debate about the relationships between food and the environment, economic and social concerns, as well as notions of both cooking and eating as performative acts, through a series of interactive, creative workshops and events.


Each workshop will explore how artistic strategies can be used to address wide-ranging issues relating to food, agriculture and the environment. The workshops and events will be curated by the seasons. Expect to see bat-box building, natural dyeing, political food zine workshops and much more. 


The workshops will be priced on a pay-it-forward model, each workshop ticket purchased will also cover the cost of Manchester Urban Digger’s team to host a community volunteer session.

For more information and to book tickets, please visit


We would like the garden to reflect the local community. We want it to feature plants that people have chosen to grow in their own spaces as well as reuse materials and tools that otherwise would go to waste. If you would like to donate any materials, equipment, plants, seeds, vegetables or even make a cash donation to help us continue to educate the local community about urban food growing, please get in touch via

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