The basic box will include a mixture of different seasonal vegetables and herbs - including produce picked fresh on the day of collection from the garden.

You can choose add-ons including;

  • A loaf of specially selected bread from Albert Street Bakery
  • 250g Oyster Mushrooms by Myco - the Manchester Mushroom Co-op
  • 6 organic free range eggs from Abbey Leys Farm
  • 1 bottle of local organic fresh juice
  • 250g Wholebean coffe from Blossom Coffee Roasters
  • Sauce made by Lorcan Kan with PFMG Produce



Important: Please do not come to the garden for collection unless it has been arranged. You will recieve a google form to arrange your vegbox collection/delivery date. If you do not think you have recieved the form immediately after purchase, please contact us at


If you would like to purchase a Veg Subscription - please follow this link.

Veg Box Voucher(s)

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Add-on (3)
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Add-on (6)
  • Collection is from 10am on Saturday mornings from Platt Fields Market Garden.

    We can provide a delivery service for customers living within a 2 mile radius of the garden who might struggle to collect otherwise. Delivery will be Saturday afternoon after we leave the garden.

    If you cannot commit to collection, please purchase a 'Veg Box Delivery' Voucher on the dates you need delivery by following this link.

    If you would like to order more than a 1 vegbox for same day delivery, please do this in seperate orders - with one of the orders paying for delivery.


Manchester Urban Diggers are urban community market gardeners based in Greater Manchester where we are making spaces for people to grow food.

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