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Volunteer Update Post - Volunteering with MUD in June!

This is our monthly volunteer update post. To keep volunteers up-to-date with what's going on and what's coming up.

To book onto our volunteer sessions, make sure you have;

  1. Read the Volunteer Handbook before attending any session here.

  2. Register as a volunteer so we have your contact details and emergency contact (link available in handbook)

  3. Book onto the doodle polls which you can access once you have signed up. If you can't access them, please contact us at

Here's a round up of what's been going on in May and what we have planned for June: Platt Fields Market Garden

Thanks for all your hard work as usual down at PFMG. We really appreciate it. We have a wonderful new polytunnel currently being built and hopefully skinned next week so that will be a new growing space to work on in June. Lorcan is currently looking for some help in the kitchen if anyone would like some experience in preserving some of our produce, sign up to volunteer with us now. We have some exciting plans for the May bank holiday weekend so please come down and enjoy some live music and food, more information will be released via our social media this week. Volunteering will still be on but the garden might be quite busy with the public so it will mainly be general gardening tasks. Nerissa will be developing the shed in the yard on Mondays as well as regular gardening jobs taking place, so if anyone would like to work on the shed book onto Monday sessions. We're continuing regular volunteering on Mondays and Fridays and have opened Saturdays back up to everyone. We will be open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays, so if you are concerned about an increase in people on the garden and would like a more chilled out session then Mondays may be best for you. Garden Hosts Apologies to everyone who is interested in the Garden Hosts roles. We've had a really busy month or so with staff absences so have struggled to get the ball rolling properly with this. We would still like it to be a substantial role on the garden so will try and book something in to train people up but are struggling to find the time at present and need to prioritise sorting the greenhouses out and growing. If you are still interested in this role, please book on to regular volunteering sessions and we can discuss it in person and try and build the role up and some momentum together. Greenhouse Guardians The first induction day for greenhouse guardians went well and we've been tackling an aphid problem with success. I'll be booking in another little workshop in June but haven't decided a date yet so keep an eye on the WhatsApp group and I'll let everyone know. Thank you for everyones involvement so far and please feel free to attend the garden on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to carry out greenhouse maintenance tasks. I'm working on a regular jobs list and anyone's input for that is welcome. The Landing The Landing is still going strong and we hosted our second public workshop up there last week. Where The Light Gets In have employed a new grower, Nick, who will be running volunteering sessions up there on Fridays, 10-3. Friends of Platt Fields Park

  • Shakey Gardeners, 9-12am Thursdays, the Shakespearean Garden. Help us restore this beautiful walled garden in the quietest corner of Platt Fields. Meet local people, learn all about gardening and enjoy the peace and quiet.

  • Platt Hall Gardens, Tuesday afternoons, Platt Hall. Help us build a brand new garden from scratch around the former gallery of costume. Tea and coffee provided. Plants and seed donations welcomed.

  • Volunteer Sunday, 1-4pm, The Orchard. Our once a month volunteer session. This month we'll be digging out the last of the bramble roots and mulching some trees. Please bring your own gloves if possible.

If you wish to attend any events or volunteering please register by emailing Mona Street, Salford

We are working with other local community organisations to renovate the space back to its former glory! The site is an old car park so we will work together to grow in innovative ways to make the most of the space.

The sessions will be varied but be based around gardening, general woodwork and food growing of course!

Starting Tuesday 25th May.

Pankhurst Plot, Chorlton Pankhurst Plot is a brand new project based on Chorlton Park. The design of the gardens will make the following considerations:

  • Create a community garden with emphasis on staying natural and wild

  • Create growing beds to provide food for Emmeline’s Pantry

  • Create a calm and safe environment for the public to enjoy

  • Create a wild play area for children to learn and explore

  • Plant an edible hedgerow around the border to block pollution and noise

I think thats about it for this months round up. Please chat to us on sessions about projects that you'd like to get involved in and we can give you more information. Thanks as always for all your help and involvement in MUD. We love you all! Mike x

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