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Spring Party Celebrations!

On Sunday we were joined by hundreds of people from the community to welcome the first day of Spring and the Kurdish New Year into Platt Fields Market Garden. We celebrated with a range of activities including pottery classes with Meg, willow crafting with Nerissa and card making with Annie and Mahsa. Mahsa is a new member of our PFMG community, who was there to teach us about Nowruz celebrations and Haft-seen offerings with her beautiful table display. We were also able to indulge in the delight of the Kurdish cuisine cooked up by Iman and her friends.

After a very wet and rainy start to the year, we were delighted to see the garden in full swing again. Over the last month we have been working with our staff and volunteers to tidy up the edges of the garden to make sure that it is a nice place for the community to come and hang out, relax and take in the benefits of being outdoors. We were so pleased that our fire pit was finished in time for us to be able to sit around it and share stories and make memories. It was really beautiful to see the Kurdish community celebrating around the fire pit with dance, food and tea. It was also great to watch the children playing and exploring the garden too.

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the new season with us, it was definitely a day to remember. We cannot wait to share more days like this with you all as the weather starts to warm.

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