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Red Cabbage, lime, chilli and coriander salad with peanuts

· 250g red cabbage (or mix of red cabbage, kale, spring cabbage etc.)

· 1 large carrot (about 190g)

· 1 apple

· 2 limes

· 3-4 green chillis

· 1 bunch of Fresh coriander

· 100g Roasted, salted peanuts

· Salt

· Sugar

1. Chop the cabbage as finely as possible

2. Wash the cabbage, drain well and put in a large bowl

3. Add 1tsp of sugar, a pinch of salt and the juice or 2 limes to the cabbage. Massage the salt, sugar and lime into the cabbage to soften the cabbage, this will take 2-3 minutes. Leave the cabbage to soften further for a few minutes.

4. Meanwhile, peel the carrot and grate by hand (or on a food processor) or cut into thin strips using a knife. Do the same with the apple but don’t peel

5. Add the carrot and apple to the cabbage and mix in

6. Finely slice the green chillies (add more or less depending on how spicy you’d like it)

7. Chop the coriander and wash before adding to the cabbage

8. Mix everything together and season with salt to taste

9. Finally, in a dry frying pan toast the 100g of salted, roasted peanuts until they are warm and slightly brown. Add to the salad, mix in a serve.

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