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Radish Top Pesto

Fresh radishes should come with some leaves, which are edible. They are a bit tough and fibrous so best cooked or blended. Here they make a vegan pesto to eat with fresh radishes.


· 50g of nuts/seeds (any- blanched almonds, sunflower seeds, cashews, pistachios or pine nuts)

· 1 bunch of radishes, with tops/leaves (about 4-6 radishes)

· ½ lemon (juiced)

· Nutritional Yeast (or use a hard cheese, like parmesan or pecorino)

· Salt

· Black pepper

· Olive oil (optional)

1. Remove the radish tops from the radishes and place everything in cold water for 5-10minutes. This will help remove the dirt.

2. Rinse the leaves a little more and place into a blender. If you have a powerful blender, the stems can be used too. If not, just use the leaves.

3. Gently toast the nuts in a dry frying pan to release the oils and brown slightly (be careful not to brown too much or burn, or they will become bitter).

4. Add the nuts to the leaves in the blender. Also add: ¼ lemon, juiced 2 tsps. of Nutritional Yeast

Pinch of salt

5. Blend everything together and taste. Add more lemon and salt as needed. Add a little cold water to help it blend.

6. The leaves (and radishes) are quite peppery already but add black pepper if you like.

7. Blend in a splash of olive oil if using and blend again.

8. Rinse the radishes and slice thinly.

9. Use the pesto and radish slices as a topping for toast, rice cakes, rye crackers etc. Season with more salt and black pepper.

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