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Pumpkin Salad with Harissa Dressing

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

This recipe uses Musquee De Provence Pumpkin but any squash or pumpkin will do.

· Around 180g Pumpkin

· Harissa paste (any brand, Le Phare du cap is widely common)

· Sweet or smoked paprika (optional)

· Preserved Lemon or fresh lemon or vinegar

· Fresh salad leaves from Platt Fields Market Garden. Washed and drained.

· Vinegar

· Salt

· Pepper

· Honey or sugar

· Vegetable Oil

· Olive Oil


· ½ tin Chickpeas or sourdough bread (optional)

Bulk up the salad with tomatoes, cous cous, toasted seeds, grated carrot or sweet peppers..anything goes!


1) Wash and peel the pumpkin, cut into small cubes (or any size you prefer)

2) Coat the pumpkin cubes in 1tbsp of oil and plenty of black pepper. Add 1tsp of paprika if using.

3) Roast in a 200°C oven for 30 minutes or until soft and slightly golden.

4) If using chickpeas, drain and coat in oil, salt, pepper and paprika and roast with the pumpkin until crispy

5) For sourdough croutons, cut or rip a chunk of bread into bitesize pieces. Coat with oil, salt and pepper and bake in the oven until golden. Add to the dressing 5 minutes before eating to soften slightly.

6) For the dressing, very finely dice 1 small preserved lemon (for 1 level tbsp). Mix with 1tbsp Harissa Pasta, 2tsps of honey or sugar, 3 tbsp olive oil and 2 tsp of vinegar (such as Apple or Date) or lemon juice. Add pepper and salt to taste.

The amount of harissa will depend on the brand used and how spicy you like it! Extra lemon juice or vinegar can be used instead of preserved lemon.

7) To test the dressing, dip a salad leaf and taste to check for spiciness/salt and acid.

8) Dress the salad leaves with the dressing, reserving 2 tbsp for the pumpkin

9) When the pumpkin is cooked, coat with the remaining dressing and add to the salad leaves

10) Add the chickpeas and croutons, if using, and serve.

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