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Golden Beetroot & Saffron Broth

Serves 2

· 1 medium golden beetroot, washed and peeled

· 1 medium potato, washed and peeled

· 1 yellow or orange carrot, washed and peeled

· Olive oil

· 3 tomatoes, roughly chopped

· Chill flakes

· A pinch of saffron

· Stock fish, chicken or vegetable can be used (about 500mL). Seaweed flakes can be added with the tomatoes if using vegetable stock

· Lemon juice or vinegar

· Salt

· Garlic Fresh garlic can be used for this, or a block of frozen grated garlic (usually available in International stores). If using fresh garlic, use about half a bulb (or more if you prefer). It needs to be chopped or minced very fine. It can also be grated on a zester (the skin won’t get grated so no need to peel). The garlic could also be blended into the olive oil before cooking.


1. Add a good glug of olive oil to a cold pan. Add the grated/minced/frozen garlic and heat slowly on a low heat.

2. As the garlic cooks, it will sizzle/bubble. Keep warming the oil slowly until the raw garlic smell has gone and the garlic has just turned brown. The garlic needs to be cooked but not burnt. It’s usually ready when the bubbling dies down but keep and eye on it.

3. While the garlic is cooking, crush the saffron strands in a Mortar & Pestle or with a spoon. Add a little hot water to release the golden colour.

4. When the garlic is ready add a pinch of chilli flakes and the tomatoes. Add a pinch of salt and crush the tomatoes. Allow to cook on a low heat.

5. While the tomatoes cook down, chop the beetroot, potato and carrot into small chunks. Keep them roughly the same size.

6. When the tomatoes are mushy, add a small glass of stock and bring to the boil

7. Strain the tomato & garlic stock to make a clean broth

8. Add the strained broth to a clean pan, add the beetroot, potato and carrot and top up with more stock until just covered. Also add the saffron & it’s liquid.

9. Bring to a simmer and cook until all the veg is soft, add more stock/water if needed

10. Taste, add salt and lemon juice (or vinegar) to taste

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