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Burnt Spring Onion & Toasted Hazelnut Salad Dressing

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Serves 2

· 1 bunch of spring onions

· 30g of hazelnuts (Almonds work equally well)

· Olive oil (or mix of oils, such as vegetable, flax & olive oil)

· Salt

· Black Pepper

· ½ Lemon

To serve: one bag of Platt Fields Market Garden Salad Leaves


1. Trim the root off the spring onions (the hairs) and roughly chop them into 2-inch lengths. Wash them well.

2. Heat a wok or decent frying pan. Add some oil and heat. Add the spring onions to the hot pan and fry them. Keep them moving so they don’t burn (too much!)

3. Keep cooking until most of the spring onions have softened and browned. Some bits should be a little blackened/burnt but not all of them- they will be soft and sweet instead.

4. Remove the spring onions from the pan and add just enough oil/s to cover them (use a smaller blender or container). About 30ml of oil.

5. The blended dressing will have the texture of mayonnaise. Add the zest and juice of ¼ of a lemon, taste, and add the rest of the lemon if necessary. A little water can be added at this stage if it’s a little thick. Add salt to taste. The dressing can be passed through a sieve and that this stage to get rid of any fibrous bits but isn't necessary.

6. For the hazelnuts, toast them quickly in a dry frying pan (about 30 seconds). Roughly chop them with a knife or in a food processor. If using almonds, they don’t necessarily need toasted but can be. If they have skins on, blanche them in a hot water first and peel of the skins.

7. Mix the chopped nuts with the spring onion dressing and mix into the salad leaves. Grind black pepper onto the top before serving.

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