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Burnt lemon & Roasted Garlic Dressing

For dressing Platt Fields Market Garden Leaves.

For the garlic:

· 1 bulb of garlic (but worth doing more!)

· Oil (olive or vegetable oil)

· Salt

1. Slice a small slither from the abase of the garlic bulb to expose the cloves.

2. Drizzle a little oil onto a sheet of tinfoil, add a pinch of salt. Place the garlic bulb cut-side down into the oil and wrap the tinfoil around the garlic, sealing the edges.

3. Place on a baking dish or tray and bake at 180°C for 30-40minutes until browned and soft. Leave to cool.

4. When cool enough to handle, squeeze the garlic cloves out from the skin.

5. Only 1-2 cloves are needed for the dressing. The rest can be kept in oil for more dressings, dips, stews or soups.

For the lemon dressing:

· 1 lemon

· Olive oil

· Salt

1. Wash the lemon well. Zest the skin and add to a bowl. Then cut the lemon in half.

2. In a hot, dry, frying pan, place the lemon halves skin-side down. Leave untouched for 4 minutes. The cut side will blacken.

3. When cool enough to handle, squeeze the juice from the lemon and add to the zest.

4. Add 1-2 cloves of garlic to the lemon along with a pinch of salt. Crush the garlic (they should be nice and soft).

5. Use the lemon & garlic mix to dress salad leaves. Let them sit for 5 minutes before drizzling with olive oil and serve.

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