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Fresh Produce

Veg summary

The produce we grow at Platt Fields Market Garden is used on our veg stall, sold to restaurants or chefs and in the MUD kitchen. We grow using a range of organic techniques and everything we do is seasonal. 

Buying fresh vegetables, fruit & herbs from us supports us to become more self sufficient and sustainable as a business. Growing the produce is used as a tool for us to improve local biodiversity, improve the communities wellbeing and increase the resilience of the local food system.

Are you a chef, business or organisation?


If you are local to Platt Fields Market Garden, we can supply your business or organisation with seasonal fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers and various other products processed at the garden, such as seeds and dried herbs. 

If you are interested, please email and we will add you to our mailing list where you will get weekly veg availability emails.

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